B2B Marketers Don’t Get Left Behind

by Jennifer Beever

Marketers left behindThere are several trends bubbling up to the top for B2B Marketing right now. If you’re not addressing or implementing them in the near future, you could get left behind by your buyers and your competition.

Online content is more important than ever in getting found on the Internet.

Now is the time to write articles, start blogging, create video, write whitepapers and eBooks, post slideshows and presentations. Not only should you write and post them, but you should share them and get your contacts buzzing about them. Google loves that.

New website programming languages make it easier to get found online.

Your legacy website may be holding you back from getting found on the Internet. If your site isn’t taking advantage of the latest website programming code and features, the search engines will have a more difficult time finding it. In old or legacy sites, the code is predominant or “heavy”, which makes it tough for search engines to find text, figure out what your site is about and index it for the right keywords and phrases.

Transparency and telling your story engages prospects and helps them trust you.

Do you believe that the less you tell your prospects the better? Have you left off your physical address because you don’t want to limit your audience? Do you have no employee photos and bios on your site? You must subscribe to the mushroom “keep them in the dark and feed them sh*t” approach to marketing. Let me tell you, in today’s world of total transparency and people who buy because they like your story – you are not establishing trust with your marketing presence.

Mobile shopping and buying will dominate marketing within the next few years.

When you update your website, make sure you include compatibility with mobile devices or a capability to create a mobile version or application. From what the marketing gurus are saying, you’re going to want to offer mobile sooner than you think.

So, B2B marketers, will you get left behind? Readers – feel free to add other trends that you think could put B2B Marketers in a position of getting left behind.


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