9 Must-Have Basic Business Blog Features

by Jennifer Beever

Blog ChecklistIf you’re just getting started in blogging, it’s not easy to know the basic features you need to include in your blog. There is a lot of information on the Internet about how to blog and about blog features. This post is designed as a checklist for those of you getting started.

9 Basic Blog Features

Here are nine basic features you need in your blog (plus three options):

  1. A blog name (the more creative, the better!)
  2. The author’s photo (smiling of course)
  3. Author name and a brief bio or About page (after reading a blog post, this is the 2nd thing visitors look for)
  4. Blog categories that help visitors understand this blog’s content at a glance
  5. Blog archives so a visitor can see by date how long the blog has existed and the volume of posts
  6. A way to subscibe to the blog (typically an RSS feed). Feedburner seems to be a top choice.
  7. A way to share the blog via Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and more
  8. A tag cloud which displays themes that the blog posts cover
  9. Commenting. Most blog platforms such as WordPress and Blogger include this.

Optional A blog logo (it’s great to brand the blog with a graphic or image, but not necessary from the start)

Optional A unique URL that matches the blog name (you can host the blog right on your website which drives more traffic)

Optional –  Ways to follow, connect to or contact the author. If the blog author is on social networks, provide links to their profile.

What do other bloggers think about this list? Are there any other must-have blog features, in your opinion?

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