30 Creative Ideas for Your B2B Video Marketing

by Jennifer Beever

30According to eMarketer, adults spend (on average) five and a half hours on video content every day. It’s time to produce some videos to help your prospective customers learn about what you do.

It seems easy to come up with ideas for videos for consumer products. But what about video for your business-to-business (B2B) products or services? Beyond customer service videos, what can you do?

Here are 30 creative ideas for your B2B video marketing.

Note: Please be careful when you video to eliminate anything that may create a security risk. Clear rooms or cubicles of any notes or signs that may provide sensitive information about your company. Don’t include any information about location or access information such as entry and exit doors to your facility. Have your security personnel and/or your IT personnel review all video before it is published.

1. A video about an important issue or a trend in your industry.

If there is buzz in your industry about its growth, decline, impact on the environment, ethics of certain industry players, record a video statement that conveys your opinion. Be careful not to focus on a competitor’s wrongdoing, but instead make a statement about your company’s values and policies that rise above others’ wrongs.

2. A video of how your product is tested.

Do you have a quality assurance or testing process for your product or service that you can convey in a video? If you do physical testing, you may be able to show the test of your actual product. If you offer services and have a process for measuring effectiveness, such as a survey or phone interview, you can explain that in a video.

3. A video that includes a thought of the day.

You may want to record a quote or thought for each day. These can be done by different employees in your company or by one person. The daily thought can be business-related, or it can be used to convey a philosophy your company has.

4. A video of your company party.

Record the fun events at your company, including holiday or anniversary parties. Edit the video to include as many different employees as possible so viewers get a sense of the people at your company.

5. A time-lapse video of your reception area.

If your business has a lobby or reception area, record a time-lapse video of a day’s worth of comings and goings. You can do this on an iPhone. There are many examples of time lapse videos online and instructions on how to create them.

6. A video of how you ship your product.

You might want to show the process of what you do once a customer orders your product – from order to delivery. Or, show how you package your product. Whatever content you choose, you are providing a little behind the scenes information that customers will appreciate.

7. A video case study of how your product is used.

You can do one case study or a series to show how your product or service is used and how customers benefit. A common format is Problem or Challenge – Solution – Results.

8. A video spoof of an ad for your product.

Take a popular ad and parody it for your product, service or company. One that comes to mind is the Geico camel ad. This could be a great contest for employees. By the way, Coors was sued by Eveready Battery when they did a parody of the Energizer Bunny ad using Leslie Neilsen in a life-size bunny suit. The court rejected the suit, stating that the parody wasn’t at all like the actual Energizer Bunny in the ad.

9. A video about how your company contributes to the community.

Create a video in which you feature the number of jobs you’ve created and other benefits to the community. Do you give back by donating time or money? Have you created a scholarship? Do you hire and train young people? Tell the world about it in a video.

10. A video of your regular company meeting.

Whether you do a weekly, monthly or quarterly meeting, record all or part of it and share it online. Sharing this kind of video indicates you are transparent and open.

11. A video of a typical customer service call.

Take a video of a customer service call to show how you solve customer problems. You can even record the customer’s question over Skype or at their company and add it to your video. You will show your customer service process, troubleshooting resources, and educate viewers about a customer service solution all in one video.

12. A GoPro video of your pet’s view of your company.

Many businesses allow pets in the workplace. Use a GoPro video to show your pet’s perspective of your company as they go about their day. You can even add a creative narration of what the pet is thinking as business takes place around them.

13. A video tour of your company.

Your sales people and your executives probably tour visitors around your company on a regular basis. Capture the tour on video and post it on your website.

14. A video of a day in the life of your CEO.

The leaders of your business juggle a lot of activities. Capture “a day in the life of” to show one of your executives as they move from that first cup of coffee to phone calls to meetings to problem resolution to the drive home.

15. A video introducing a whitepaper, eBook or user guide.

If you use technical whitepapers, eBooks or have a guide for a product, create a video introduction that outlines the content and invites viewers to download the document.

16. A video of how your product is installed.

If your product requires setup or installation, show people how in a video. This will give customers a feeling for the process, how easy or challenging it is, and what tools they may need to have.

17. Videos about the uses for your product or service.

As with case study videos, you can have a series of videos on how to use your product. If you offer services, create videos that describe or dramatize situations that would warrant a business buying your service (low sales, hazardous materials, computer downtime, etc.).

18. A video dramatizing one of the benefits of your product or service.

Pick the biggest benefit that customers receive from your product or service and dramatize that. If it’s money savings, find a way to show the stack of money being deposited. If it’s peace of mind, show an executive or worker happy and carefree.

19. A video introducing members of your supply or value chain.

Do you have key suppliers, partners or associates? Create a video introducing one or all of them. Highlight their strengths and the relationship you have that results in a successful business and positive results for customers.

20. A video of a fix for a common problem related to your product or service.

Over time you probably have discovered some problems that arise when customers use your product or service. It might be a lack of resources such as issues with electrical power (too little or surges) or a misunderstanding about the product or service. Create a video to explain the situation and show how to avoid it.

21. A video of your company softball or bowling team.

Show your employees at play in the community, whether it’s a softball, basketball, bowling, or rowing team.

22. A video of your company volunteering for a charity.

Does your company support a cause that includes walking for charity? Sorting food for a foodbank? Show your employees volunteering either with a video or a slideshow of photos.

23. A video interview of an employee.

Customers love to see the faces behind the voice on the phone. Interviewing employees is a fun way to tell customers and partners more about the people behind your company. It’s also a great way to help prospective employees understand the type of people they’ll be working with.

24. A video of the first delivery of a product to a customer.

Show the first delivery of your product or service to a customer.  This can include the shipment vehicles (boat, plane, train, truck, download), and how the customer opens the product or begins to use the service.

25. A video of a customer testimonial.

Video one of your customers talking about the benefits of your product and how it works for them. You can take the video or ask to interview them by Skype.

26. A video about a business problem your product or service solves.

Dramatize the problem your product or service solves in a video. Get creative and use props, go on location, have people play different parts in your production.

27. Video one of your planning meetings.

Is your company innovative? Have you launched a new product lately? Recreate the meeting in which you came up with the idea in a video. Tell the story about how you hatched the idea visually as well as in words on your website.

28. A video about your value proposition.

What is it you provide? To whom? Why are you different? These are the elements of a good value proposition. Make a video about it by stating the value proposition and then explaining each element in a little more detail.

29. A video of your exhibit at a trade show.

Do a time lapse video of your trade show booth and post it online. Or, put together a number of photos and make a video of the slideshow. Make sure you include captions to explain what each photo is about.

30. A video of your best sales presentation.

Take your slide deck, narrate it and record it as a video. This video will allow prospective customers to get information about your company before your first meeting.

With these thirty B2B video ideas, now you have no excuses for not joining the video marketing revolution! Get going on your video production. It’s a popular way everyone is learning about products, and it’s especially popular with generations that grew up with video gaming.

Do you need help creating videos for your digital marketing? Contact New Incite today. We create marketing content and provide strategic marketing plans and training for your staff.

Photo from Flickr by Andreas Levers. Some Rights Reserved.


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