4 Reasons to Get Recommendations on LinkedIn First

by Jennifer Beever

LinkedIn MegaphoneAsk your customers for testimonials and recommendations on LinkedIn first. Then you can repurpose them for your print pieces such as one sheets and for your website.

In my opinion there is little reason to ask for testimonials outside of LinkedIn. I recommend that all my clients get recommendations on LinkedIn first. Here are some of the reasons why:

  1. In order to get recommendations, you must be connected to your customers. (Please tell me you are connected to your customers!)
  2. LinkedIn recommendations are viewed as more credible than others you provide on your print pieces and on your website, because they have to be entered into LinkedIn by the author, not by you.
  3. By getting LinkedIn recommendations first, you can then pick and choose and repurpose (and edit) them as testimonials for other marketing pieces.
  4. You need at least three recommendations to have a Linkedin profile that is 100% complete.

As always before starting to write on this topic, I Googled other current opinions. Here are some helpful resources:

Chris Brogan’s blog entry Elements of a Good LinkedIn Recommendation.

Liz Ryan’s Huffington Post Letters of Recommendation vs. LinkedIn Recommendations

LinkedIn’s video on recommendations (less than1 minute)

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