10 Reasons You Can’t Get Found Online

by Jennifer Beever

Website SEOIt’s critical that qualified prospects find your business on the Internet. If you’re not getting found, you’re losing leads and potential revenues.

  1. Your website uses outdated programming code.
  2. Your website doesn’t have relevant content.
  3. You use flash in your website.
  4. You have too many big images in the wrong places.
  5. Your images are not properly tagged.
  6. You don’t have SEO metatags.
  7. You don’t properly use headlines.
  8. No one links to your website.
  9. You are not connected to others on social media.
  10. Your page URLs aren’t keyword rich.

If you own any of the ten reasons people don’t find you on the Internet, it might be time to update your website. At New Incite, we create cost-effective websites that include organic, white-hat search engine optimization (the kind that doesn’t get you de-listed by Google!) and great relevant content and images, that also allow you to maintain the content if you wish to moving forward. Contact us today to get a quote for updating your existing or creating a new website that will get your business found online!



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