Marketing’s Perfect Storm: Copywriting, Optimization & Technology

by Jennifer Beever

Marketing Optimization Copywriting TechnologyThere’s a perfect storm brewing in successful marketing campaigns these days, and there are three key components: great copywriting, optimization, and use of technology.

Just like in the book The Perfect Storm, in which author Sebastian Junger describes the confluence of three critical weather factors: warm air from a low-pressure system coming from one direction, a flow of cool and dry air generated by a high-pressure from another direction, and tropical moisture provided by Hurricane Grace, so too is there a perfect storm of marketing skillsets that accelerate results for your marketing efforts.

Marketing Copywriting

There are two things that copywriting is critical for today – social sharing and content. The more compelling content you have online that people can relate to and share with others, the more chance your business has of getting found online. And, it’s not just about writing “OK” content – it’s about writing great content – great stories with valuable information and compelling calls to action that get people to share their content.

Content Optimization

Your content needs to include and be tagged with the right  keywords and phrases. You need to know which are the most frequently-used when your target prospects search for your products or services. This is both science and art. There are certain places where you can include keywords and phrases that the search engine algorithms respond to. It’s constantly changing, including the shift from SEO (search engine optimization) to SMO (social media optimization).

Marketing Technology

Today as a CMO, marketing consultant or agency, you need to understand and use technology. Social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, websites, SEO (social media optimization),  marketing analytic dashboards, lead nurturing systems, customer relationship management (CRM) systems are all technology products that you need to use to be efficient and cost-effectively track results.

At New Incite, we think we’re in the perfect marketing storm. Our lead marketing consultant and CMO for Hire, Jen Beever, came from the software industry in 1997 to start New Incite. A great writer, Jen’s classmate and fellow English Major at Colby College was Linda Greenlaw, the captain of the Andrea Gail‘s sister ship, the Hannah Boden, who was featured in The Perfect Storm.  And, finally, Jen applies her software background as a techie – she has been getting results from websites and search engine optimization since 1998.

Are you in the Marketing Perfect Storm? Swimming strong or sinking?

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