B2B Marketing: Content Mills… …really?!

by Jennifer Beever

strategic marketing content

OK! I get that the blog abandonment rate is 95%! It’s haaarrrd to think of messages to Tweet! …And that you need content to improve search engine performance and attract visitors to your website. But what happens when those visitors actually read the content on your site?

Definition of Mill
mill/mil/- (noun) one that produces or processes people
or things mechanically or in large numbers

Is your content written strategically with the visitor in mind? Is it compelling and valuable to your target audience? Will the content on your site help convert visitors to leads and leads to customers?

If you do outsource your content and messaging, make sure your outsource provider is a good marketing writer who understands your industry, your customers, and your business. They should also understand search engine and social media optimization. They should do a keyword analysis for your website and social media profiles and make sure your content is relevant to what your customers search for.

Have you found a quality outsource content provider? If you need a resource, New Incite provides content – visit our Outsource Content Services page for more information.



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