3 Marketing Personalities You Need to Manage

by Jennifer Beever

Multiple PersonalitiesIn over 15 years as a marketing consultant, I’ve worked with a lot of great clients. There are 3 personalities, however, that I’ve realized are not always productive for improving marketing, generating more leads, and increasing sales revenues!

3 Marketing Personalities You Need to Manage

1. Myopic Marketer

This marketer can’t see the forest for the trees. If you ask, “Why do you market this way?” you may hear, “We’ve always done it this way.” These are the folks who are still paying for print advertising even though they get no results. Or those who are paying for SEO, even though the way to increase traffic to websites is through SMO. One way to help this marketer see the forest, is to incrementally introduce new initiatives, and prove that they work by tracking results. In my experience, this nay-sayer can often become the biggest champion of a new idea, even though they were adamantly opposed to it at the start.

2. Marketing Micromanager

This marketing personality can’t let go. Every detail, every initiative, every word needs their approval. Now this marketing type may have developed out of necessity, because they truly never had good talent on board who could produce decent collateral and campaigns, let alone results. But at a certain point, this personality will get in the way of progress and growth. There is no way one person can control all marketing details for a dynamic organization. Short of therapy, what you need to do is set up processes that allow others to get marketing tasks done and then participate in the approval stages with this manager to show them how it can be streamlined and limited.

3. Bright Shiny Object Marketer

Oooh! Pinterest! Vine! Facebook ads! New creative concept! New positioning! The opposite of the myopic marketer, this person is onto a new idea every week, every day, perhaps multiple times a day. With this marketing personality, it is also hard to get things done, because the marketing staff ends up chasing whatever pipe dream this marketer came up with last. The key to handling the bright shiny object marketer is to work from a written plan and manage to objectives. You might also establish a process for approving new marketing ideas, including whether or not they help your organization achieve its strategic objectives.

What marketing personality do you most relate to? Are there others that I missed? Please comment below!


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