How to Deal with a Bright-Shiny-Object Marketer

by Jennifer Beever

Bright Shiny Object Marketer“Squirrel!” Or so the joke goes about the dog distracted by a squirrel running by. Some marketers are like this, displaying ADHD tendencies when it comes to getting marketing jobs done. What’s the best way to work with these marketers?

I wrote about the different marketing types in a previous blog post, Three Marketing Personalities You Need to Manage. The three types that I identified are 1. The Myopic Marketer; 2. The Marketing Micromanager; and 3. The Bright-Shiny-Object Marketer. This blog post defines the bright-shiny-object marketers and suggests ways to manage this marketing personality type.

There’s something to be said about the bright-shiny-object marketer. Unlike the stick-in-the-mud myopic marketer who never wants to try anything new, the bright-shiny-object marketer is all about new. But, “old” ideas – things that you have committed to – still need to get done.

How do you manage the bright-shiny-object marketer?

With this marketer, you need to impose some structure yet allow their attention-deficit-disorder-like behavior shine. A written marketing plan, detailed timelines, and calendared activities will help keep this person on track. If they are on your team and have to get things done, do what you can to provide resources and structure to support them.

If the bright-shiny-object marketer is leading your marketing team, allow their new ideas to flourish, but help them stick to the marketing plan that you all agreed to. There is nothing worse than a marketing leader (or business owner) jerking the team (employees and vendors) around with every marketing whim (or bright shiny object) that crosses their mind. On your marketing meeting agenda, make sure there is a time and space for introducing new ideas that is separate from the getting-things-done time. And, if a new idea is introduced, have a process for vetting it before everyone is off and running in a new direction.

In addition to working from a marketing plan and timeline, focus on results with the bright-shiny-object marketer. If they know their activities are being measured, they will be more apt to focus on the tasks at hand.

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