Countdown for a Successful Rolling Product Launch

by Jennifer Beever

Product Launch CountdownI recently read and curated a Forbes article that suggested a successful product launch is a rolling launch. It inspired me to write this countdown to a successful rolling product launch.

The Forbes article, 10 Steps For Successfully Launching A New Product Or Service, has ten great suggestions for what to do. I’ve included some of them in my countdown.

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Month 10 – Identify product launch stakeholders

Identify key players required for a successful launch: industry analysts, marketing and PR service providers, channel partners (existing and new), etc.

Month 9 – Contact and connect with launch stakeholders

Contact those on your launch stakeholder list and connect with them on LinkedIn and other social media platforms. Create formal relationships where warranted.

Month 8 – Create some initial messaging in your new product space

Establish credibility with your stakeholders by sharing information and asking questions. Use LinkedIn to start discussions or start your own group, if no discussions exist in your new product space!

Month 7 – Write a product launch plan

Write down all the tasks and details of how you will do your product launch. Will you get articles published? Do email or direct mail? Get followers and do mini-launches on social media platforms?

Month 6 – Create positioning content in your new space

Depending on the nature of your product, create whitepapers, eBooks, infographics, videos about the need your product solves. Use this to educate potential buyers and build demand.

Month 5 – Continue to educate and create demand

Get articles published, continue to develop content and share in your growing social networks.

Month 4 – Get channel partners involved to spread the word

Share your plans for the product launch with your channel partners. Make sure they understand your expectations for how they should share in the launch.

Month 3 – Leak some teaser messages into social platforms

Now that you have a following due to your previous sharing of valuable and educational content, begin to hint that you have a solution. “Coming soon,” “save the date,” and other teasers start to build anticipation.

Month 2 – Get the details to trusted analysts in the space

Now you can go to analysts, writers and editors in the space with some well-positioned details and press releases to ensure that the right people announce and review your new product upon launch.

Month 1 – Do something unusual in your space

This is another suggestion from the Forbes article – create something like an infographic, a stunt at an event, an interview with a key industry person that will really get everyone’s attention.

The point of this blog post is to get ready to launch your product way before it’s ready. Too many product inventors have their heads down in R&D, only to lift them up just weeks before launch and feebly try to make an impact.

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