4 B2B Marketing New Year Resolutions for 2013

by Jennifer Beever

Marketing ResolutionsAs this year comes to its end, I’m thinking about how I can improve my marketing for next year. Here are my resolutions for next year.

1. Stop posting work blog posts to my personal Facebook account. These posts are not relevant on my personal profile. I think I may make a list of my work colleagues I’m connected to on Facebook and think of a way to post to them on a regular basis that adds value.

2. Launch some training products. People have been begging me to do workshops. They like my presentations on marketing and social media and want more. I’m going to give them what they want!

3. Create new content, including infographics and eBooks. I love infographics because they tell stories in a fun way (see my previous post on this, Why You Should Add Infographics to Your B2B Marketing Plan). eBooks are a way for me to pull together existing content into a new package – easy to read, digest, understand, and great for iPads and other mobile devices.

4. Do something with video. I have a BIG idea for this. It’s exciting. Stay tuned…..

What are your marketing resolutions for the new year? Please comment below.


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