Infographics – Why You Should Add this Tactic to Your B2B Marketing Plan

by Jennifer Beever

Why Use InfographicsI’m very enamored with Infographics as a B2B Marketing tactic, and last week in my post 6 New Ideas for Your 2013 Marketing Plan I recommended this tactic (4. Use new ways of presenting online content). Here is why you should consider adding infographics to your marketing plan for next year.

Let’s face it. Today, more than ever, people don’t have much time to read. And, we’re more inclined to learn from visuals than those boring blocks of text (and, I don’t know if you’re like me – I don’t even want to click on videos anymore, especially if the point I want is 8 minutes in!). So, how can we net out our message and make it fun and interesting at the same time? One answer is infographics!

Marc Connor wrote a great blog post on the online publication by iMedia Connections about the why and how of successful infographics. In it he said,

“Infographics are a compelling way to represent complex information quickly and clearly. In an infographic, visual symbols and numbers are used with colors, fonts, and labels to make the data more useful. With the flood of information and exponential data points, it is imperative to focus people’s attention on not just the valuable data, but the implications as well…. …We need to create meaningful infographics that minimize information anxiety by conveying the perspective in the most effective manner….”

I love that phrase – minimize information anxiety! He’s right! How on earth can anyone absorb all they need to know? It’s our job as marketers to make it easier. And, I absolutely agree with his point about emphasizing implications of the graphics and data. Don’t just present the facts and leave us hanging – tell us why it matters.

Maybe the best way to understand infographics is to look at some samples. Here are three for your review, and please, readers, use the comments to provide links to more! The first infographic example is about email marketing, the second on presidential campaign political spending (relatively neutral, I hope!), and the third is about the history of a technology services sector of Managed Service Providers (MSPs).

The Best and Worst Times to Send an Email (Infographic)

Infographic: How Both Presidential Candidates Grossly Outspent Their Predecessors

Infographic: Managed Services – Past, Present, Future

So, why not give infographics a try? They are cost-effective and easy to share on social media. Use them for industry opinions, explaining new paradigms, illustrating case studies, and more. If you need help telling your story, in infographics or other media, please contact us at New Incite today. We are here to help you succeed!


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