B2B Marketers: Why You Should Watch This Science of Persuasion Video

by Jennifer Beever

The groundbreaking research done by Robert Cialdini in his book, Influence: Science and Practice, will change the way you market forever. The video embedded below is an engaging way to learn Cialdini’s six (6) universal principles that guide people in their decision making and includes examples and tips on how to sell and market more successfully.

Many thanks to attorney and mediator Myer Sankary (and member, ADR Services ), whose excellent Science of Persuasion workshop I attended years ago, and who sent a link to the Science of Persuasion video by Cialdini and Steve Martin as a holiday gift.

The full video is just under twelve minutes, but trust me, it’s worth every second. In case you want to scan the six principles of the Science of Persuasion, I have captured them below in a text list as well. (The Science of Persuasion by InfluenceAtWork)

Six Universal Principles of the Science of Persuasion

1. Reciprocity – Be the first to give and make sure it’s personalized and unexpected.

2. Scarcity – Make sure you tell people what’s unique about your product or service and what they will lose.

3. Credibility – Have others introduce you as the expert.

4. Consistency – Get people to make an initial commitment that is voluntary, active and public.

5. Liking – People say “Yes!” to people who are similar, who pay genuine compliments, and who cooperate toward common goals.

6. Consensus – Especially when they are uncertain (hello, buyers!), people look to the actions and behaviors of others.

I think the last principle, consensus, is especially relevant today! What do you think? Relevant? Not relevant? Please comment below.


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