Leverage Your B2B Marketing Assets

by Jennifer Beever

Leverage Marketing AssetsAre you leveraging your B2B marketing assets to achieve better results faster? Spending your marketing time, resources and budget on tactics and strategies that can quickly accelerate marketing results is better than spending your time, resources and budget on tactics that take a long time to produce results. Before you launch that expensive, long-term, marketing campaign for a new market, ask yourself – is there anything I can leverage more quickly and less expensively?

I was reminded of the concept of leverage from a recent Monday Morning Memo by contrarian consultant Alan Weiss. Alan wrote about leveraging strengths and provided this quote:

Give me only a place to stand and I can move the world.Archimedes of Syracuse

Archimedes of Syracuse invented the lever and discovered leverage. How can you employ leverage in your marketing to achieve the results you need?

First, you need to identify your assets. These could be an untapped niche customer segment, a product or service or knowledge that your competitors don’t have, a speech your CEO gives that is highly popular, or even content on your website that gets the most traffic. (For more information about identifying business assets to leverage for results, see my previous blog post, Be a Strategic Planning Hero with Microstrategies.)

Second, you need to create an action plan to leverage at least one asset. Choose the asset(s) that can produce the best results to meet your business objectives. For example, if you have an untapped niche customer segment, create a  dedicated marketing campaign that increases the touchpoints with customers to increase your wallet share with them.

If you have a product, service or some knowledge that is a “best-kept secret” either through neglect or because you didn’t know it was an asset, create a plan to aggressively market it and generate new sales.

If an executive or employee with your organization or business has gotten traction giving a certain speech or training materials, leverage that information into a new service or other materials that can be sold or perhaps a book that can establish your organization as a thought leader.

And, last but certainly not least, identify the most popular content on your website. Is it something that tells you what your site visitors are interested in, possibly pointing you to a previously-unknown opportunity for a new product or service? Or, is it content that you can re-purpose in different media to extend your marketing reach? (Read my previous post, Re-Purpose Content with a Purpose, for more information on this.)

What can you leverage for marketing results? Contact New Incite today for help in creating marketing leverage.



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