B2B Marketers: Re-purpose Content with a Purpose

by Jennifer Beever


Now more than ever, optimized online content is the key to attracting prospects to your website. But how do you make time to create blog entries, videos, eBooks, whitepapers, podcasts, presentations and articles?

The answer is re-purposing. When you notice that a particular blog entry on your site generated a lot of traffic and/or comments, create a video on the same subject. Re-purpose the same information into a downloadable eBook or whitepaper, depending on your topic and audience. (If it’s technical, write a whitepaper; if it’s a more consumable product or service, create an eBook.)

If someone at your company is a prolific speaker, take their most popular presentation and create a whitepaper or an article from the same content. Repurpose the same content into a video. Produce a podcast each month on the same topic as your most popular content.

By the way, I cringe when I see articles masquerading as a “whitepapers,” meaning the author slapped together a document – hopefully at least a well-written article – and labeled it a whitepaper.  I recommend that if you are going to call a piece of content a whitepaper, follow Michael Stelzner’s whitepaper format. I’ve used it for my content and my clients. It’s a great guideline for authentic, well-researched and well-written whitepapers.

You can generate a lot of great, optimized content on your website efficiently by re-purposing with a purpose!


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