How to Break Website Paralysis with Scientific Analysis

by Jennifer Beever

Analyze Your WebsiteDo you think your website is boring, static, ineffective? Improve it with scientific data, not creative guesswork!

When it comes to your website update, how do you know that the changes you make are worth the cost of the update?  The answer is Google Analytics.

All websites should have Google Analytics installed. It’s free, and especially if you’ve had your website online for a while, it provides a wealth of great information that you can use to make the site better. Here are some of the questions you can answer using Google Analytics:

  • What sites refer visitors to my site?
  • What are the exit pages to my site?
  • What keywords do visitors use to get to my site?
  • What sequence of pages do people visit on the site?
  • Am I attracting the wrong audience to my website?
  • Where are my site visitors located?
  • From what locations do active buyers come?
  • What online campaigns are the most effective?
  • What is the top content on my site?
  • What keywords do visitors who spend longer on the site use?
  • How many visitors use mobile devices to view my site?
  • What browsers do my site visitors use?
  • How do I exclude my own employee traffic to the website?

Make sure you install Google Analytics the right way so that it functions properly. Within a day or two, you’ll be able to start analyzing your data.

Over time, through analyzing your website performance with Google Analytics, you’ll be able to make scientific decisions about how to change and improve your website. Updating will no longer be a costly creative endeavor that is left to chance!

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