In The Rush to B2B Social Media, Don’t Forget Strategy, Analytics

by Jennifer Beever

B2B Strategic Social MediaAs many businesses jump on the social media bandwagon, I’m seeing a real lack of strategic planning and analytics as part of the effort. Why is this happening, and why is this important?

A lot of people think of social media as kids stuff – easy – anyone can do it. So, when a business decides to market on social media platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Google+, they don’t always have a strategic social media plan and they often don’t monitor social media analytics to make sure they are on the right track and getting the right results. They just jump right in and do it!

If a business doesn’t have a strategy, then how do they know what is the right track? Therefore, why would they need analytics?

The reason why this is important is the same for all marketing, not just social media marketing. Marketing for marketing’s sake is a hit or miss proposition. If your marketing doesn’t speak in a highly compelling way to your audience and differentiate you from your competitors, you’re just part of the increasing noise of advertisers, trade show exhibitors, Tweeters and other social media blah-blah-blahers.

So, before you jump into social marketing, take a moment. Understand the medium. Set your strategy. Execute strategically and then track and analyze your results.

At New Incite we specialize in creating strategic marketing plans, implementing them well and analyzing the results. Contact us today for help with your marketing – whether it’s social media, online, or offline marketing!


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