Does Your B2B Marketing Consultant Have an Agenda?

by Jennifer Beever

One of the trademarks of my consulting practice is that I bring a detailed marketing agenda to client meetings. You’d think this would be a given for B2B marketing consultants, but unfortunately it’s not.

Creating a marketing agenda requires forethought. It means that I bring a plan and careful consideration to the table – I’m not just resting on 30 years of marketing experience and winging it.

Today’s marketer needs a business agenda that outlines business goals and objectives and includes a discussion of marketing analytics and results. For too long marketing has been treated solely as a creative, brainstorming function. Creativity and brainstorming is often a free-flowing and seat-of-the pants process. There is a time and place for this, but today – more than ever – it’s important to focus on the business aspects of marketing.

If businesses don’t have an agenda for marketing meetings, there is a tendency to get off track and not talk about everything that is important. Plus, a lot of people want to talk about what’s fun, and the hard numbers you get in marketing analytics results reports are not always fun!

Do you use a marketing agenda for your regular marketing meetings? You do have regular marketing meetings, don’t you?

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