Do Your Website Visitors Feel Like They’re on Another Planet?

by Jennifer Beever

Do visitors on your site feel like they’ve landed on another planet? Or, do they feel like they do when they walk into your lobby, where your logo is prominently displayed along with articles about your company, awards you’ve received, and a display of products? Is there a smiling receptionist to great them, and perhaps a basket of fruit or flowers on display?

I read an interesting article today by Sarah Caldicott titled What’s the Likeability of Your Brand — or Your CMO?. In the article Caldicott talks about a brand’s likeability factor. She points to Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg’s likeability and GE’s CMO Beth Comstock’s attribution of GE’s likeability to the legacy created by Thomas Edison, “a genius renowned for his ‘common touch.’” In the article Caldicott writes about a Forrester Group study that says brands today must be likeable through as many as 13 touch points.

Certainly a company website is one of the most critical brand touch points. It should be designed not only to brand your company, but to welcome visitors and engage them in the brand. Once they’ve landed on your home page, is there a way for them to interact? Do they have choices to click and learn more? Can they subscribe to a newsletter or watch a video? Make sure your website likeable, conversational and engaging, not static and full of business-speak. You’ll stand out from your competitors for doing so.

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