B2B Marketers: How Much Time Should You Spend On Facebook?

by Jennifer Beever

Time on FacebookI’m still getting a lot of questions about whether or not B2B marketing should include a presence on Facebook. Business owners want to see a return on their investment, and many don’t understand what’s involved in planning, implementing and maintaining a Facebook company presence.

How much time does it take to get results from Facebook? As you can imagine, the answer to this question depends on what you want to do accomplish. Create brand awareness? Generate leads? Convert prospects to customers? You can do all of these on Facebook.

Create Awareness on Facebook: 1-2 hours set-up, 5-15 minutes a week

At the least, your presence on Facebook can help you build your brand and create awareness of your company. When you post content such as a link to your newsletter, press release, blog entry or an article about your industry or business, that content displays on the newsfeed of the people who clicked on your page to “Like” your company. This kind of presence on Facebook requires minimal set-up time (1-2 hours at the most) and, if you use automated tools to feed content into your page, only minutes each week to maintain.

Generate Leads on Facebook: 1-2 hours per week

To generate leads, you’ll need to spend more time. You can create custom tabs on your Facebook page that ask visitors to “do something” in return for providing their contact information. What is  “something?” Fill out a form to download valuable material from your website. Join in a contest in which the winner gets a prize. You can run ad campaigns on Facebook that point qualified individuals to your Facebook page landing tab that has a call-to-action.

Convert Prospects to Customers on Facebook: 1 hour a week

There are custom applications that allow you to take payments for your charity or products and services on Facebook. With over 800 million people son Facebook, why not make this an option? If you’ve created an awareness and generated a lead, it might be a good time to ask for the order.

B2B marketers, what results are you getting from your Facebook company page? Branding? Lead gen? Conversions?



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