6 Basic Social Media Results You Need to Track

by Jennifer Beever

Track ResultsWhen you implement social media marketing, you should track the results you get. Start with the basics as described below.

You can use a spreadsheet, with the following metrics in columns and a row for each week of the year. Over time, you’ll be able to see (and show) the increase (or decrease) in each metric.

1. mozRank

mozRank is on a scale of 1 to 10 and is SEOmoz’s 10-point measure of link authority and popularity. It’s similar to the old Google Page Rank and is logarithmic, so bear that in mind, too. (According to HubSpot that means it’s ten times as hard to move from a 3 to a 4 as it is to move from a 2 to a 3.)

2. Twitter

Track # of followers, # of people you follow, # of tweets. If you can, track # of retweets or RT’s. Retweetrank.com will give you the number of lifetime retweets and your retweet ranking as a percentile of all people on Twitter.

3. Facebook

Track # of fans (number of people who Like your page) and reach. Get the reach data from your weekly Facebook Page statistics email update. Reach is defined as the number of total people who have seen any content from your page in a designated time period.

4. LinkedIn

Track the # of followers on your company page as well as weekly page views, clicks and unique visitors, all stats on your LinkedIn Company Page Insights.

5. YouTube

Track # of subscribers as well as views.

6. Slideshare

Track #of subscribers and # of views.

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