SEO is Dead. Long Live SEO!

by Jennifer Beever

Long Live SEORemember the days when SEO was king? Way back when we optimized for Inktomi and Overture? Later when we had to create reciprocal links to appease Google, now a frowned-upon practice?

I have news for you. It’s over. SEO as we knew it is dead.

But, long live SEO, because it’s re-emerged through SMO. Social media optimization is the art of optimally using social media platforms to increase awareness of a product, service, event or brand. Search engines measure traffic to websites from social media outlets as evidence that your content is relevant and people are talking about it.

If you’re not engaging in social media, now is the time. And, please, don’t spend money on SEO. I know it worked “then,” but if you spend on it now, you’re just throwing your money away.


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