What Do You Do If Your Boss Doesn’t Get Social Media?

by Jennifer Beever

Social Media ProofJust do it. The proof is in the pudding, so you have to prove how social media gets results with Comments on your Blog, Impressions on a LinkedIn Company Page, Likes on a Facebook Company Page, and/or Followers and Conversations on Twitter.

Create your own blog on Tumblr (it’s easy) and Twitter account. Post about your products, customer case studies, helpful how-to’s for customers. Ramp up your LinkedIn profile. Create a Facebook company page.

Connect and engage with people in your industry. Track the results and share them with your boss and other people in the company.Eventually you will get business directly from or related to social media activity. How soon depends on how active you are.

The concept of creating extra touch points with customers and prospects via social media works. So do it!, sell it!, and who knows? Maybe you’ll be the next CEO at your company.


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