What B2B Marketers Can Learn from B2C Stories

by Jennifer Beever

Marketing Story Cake BakerI rarely pay attention to a TV ad. But, a new ad for a Toyota Corolla got my attention last night. I haven’t been looking for a Corolla, let alone a Toyota, but I watched the entire ad.

I paid attention because it told an interesting story about a woman who wants to buy a Toyota Corolla. In the story, the woman has a cake decorating business but no car in which to make deliveries. It shows her trying to deliver intricately-decorated and iced cakes on a bus, getting jostled by other passengers while trying to protect the cake. It was engaging. Moments later  at a family celebration, her new Corolla is driven into the yard. And they all lived happily ever after.

What can B2B marketers learn from this? Today pe0ple are not buying just products or services. They buy with their emotions; they are buying a story. When they narrow down their options to two or three sellers, they buy the story that best aligns with their beliefs and values.

What’s your B2B marketing story? What do you and your business stand for? Does your B2B story resonate with the type of buyer you would like to have? Do you know your buyers’ needs and wants – their buyer persona? Have you populated your stories online to attract the right buyers? Please comment below.

Photo by むぅ[Sakura Mutsuki] on Flickr. Creative Commons license, Attribution 2.0 Generic.


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