There is No Magic Bullet in B2B Marketing (Sorry)

by Jennifer Beever

Magic BulletAs a B2B marketing consultant, I am often asked to figure out the one marketing tactic that is going to break open a market for a client. They are looking for a magic bullet.

I have news for them.

There is no magic bullet in B2B marketing.

Sorry to disappoint.

What does work is a strategic marketing plan that maps out integrated marketing tactics and provides a systematic approach to reaching your target audience. Strategy? Planning? Integration? Systems? Not as glamorous as the magic bullet, but they work!

One-shot marketing tactics don’t work. It has been proven again and again that multiple touches, multiple, integrated brand impressions create response compression (multiple touches lead a prospect to remember you and respond) and build brand recognition.

In my opinion, the only way to design and implement an integrated campaign is to have a written marketing plan. It becomes your road map – no, your GPS system – for integrated marketing success. Without the written plan, it is too easy to stray and end up back doing seat-of-the-pants, onesy-twosy marketing. Forget magic bullet(s). Rather,

  1. get strategic
  2. think “system”
  3. know what tactics work for  your target audience
  4. write a plan
  5. make it happen!

Have you found a magic bullet for your marketing? Please comment below.


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