What if There Were Nothing As Sure As Marketing, Death and Taxes?

by Jennifer Beever

...and Marketing?
…and Marketing?

What if marketing were regulated the way taxes are? Would the world be a different place?

As another tax deadline looms I’m reminded of this question that often comes to my mind. What if marketing were regulated and legislated like taxes? Or regulated the way businesses are regarding treatment of their employees? Here’s what I think would happen:

If business were required to plan and execute marketing every year,

1. Marketing consultants might have to get certified

2. The number of marketing professionals would increase

3. Brand awareness would increase

4. Sales revenue would go up

5. Marketing Return on Investment (ROI) would improve

6. There would be more work and more jobs

7. Increased marketing could improve demand and consumption

8. Businesses would thrive

9. Bankruptcies would decline

10. A recession wouldn’t linger quite so long


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