Is Your B2B Marketing Provider Showing Jazz Hands or Results?

by Jennifer Beever

Jazz HandsIf you’re not getting analytical reports on your marketing results, it’s time to re-evaluate your marketing provider.

I saw the greatest expression recently while reading an article by Kate Kaye in AdAge, “This ad industry is awash in agencies doing jazz hands.” What the author means is that still, in this day of big data and analytics, too many agencies are still just doing a dog and pony show when it comes to talking about results.

It’s always been important to track and report marketing results. Before we were able to track behavior on the Internet with websites and social media platforms, it was more difficult to track how prospective customers heard about your company, product or services. Many marketers including me relied on manual capture and input of marketing sources and hours spent calculating cost per lead, conversion rates, return on investment (ROI) and analyzing the reports.

Now we have dashboards for just about every marketing software we use. The dashboards help manage the technology and then activity is captured in analytical data, graphics and reports. Google Analytics is free and relatively easy to use, and there are many other free and fee based software that can be used (some are listed in the article links below this post).

So, there’s little excuse for your marketing department, marketing consultant, or agency to skip over results reporting. If your provider is just showing you jazz hands with vague statements like, “You’re getting great results with our campaign!” or “Your new brand is creating more awareness!” just add the words, “And all… …that… …jazz…!”

Reviews of marketing analytic tools:

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Do you want or need marketing results analytics and reports? Contact Jennifer Beever at New Incite today. We’ve been reporting marketing results for over twenty years, in all types of B2B industries.

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