Don’t Make Me Play Whack-a-Mole with your Marketing Popups

by Jennifer Beever

whackamoleToday successful marketing programs include automation and technology. But it’s important to remember that marketing systems and tools don’t ensure success. It’s the quality of the content and user experience that make a difference.

I was going to write about another topic for today’s blog. But, as I was researching the topic, I looked at a survey. At the end of my review, I wanted to view the information about the survey methodology and process. Not every piece of marketing data you find online is valid, and I like to know the source of the information to assess its validity.

Well, just as I was trying to open the slide that discussed the survey sources and methodology, I was presented with an annoying pop-up. I tried to get rid of it, but there was no way.

Annoying Marketing Popup

I finally entered my information, and while I was doing so saw a message that some kind of download was going to happen. “Great!” I thought, “maybe I’m about to download the presentation.


I got the information about the survey that I wanted, but minutes later I also got an email from the content author, telling me I had subscribed to some kind of email. Ugh. The last thing I need is more email, and especially email for which I don’t even know the content quality or value.

In summary, I think it’s OK to ask people to subscribe. But, don’t make me play Whack-a-Mole with an interruptive subscription pop-up. Also, if you want to try to make me subscribe, don’t cover up critical information I want. If you’re going to do that, you should have made me give up my contact information for the entire survey.

I love technology. I’ve been using it for my entire career. I just get irritated when people put systems and tools before a quality customer experience. It’s friction, which is what we as marketers need to avoid.

P.S. Writing this post led me to think, “What technology have I used that may not provide the best customers experience?” It’s time to check my website and other technologies again to make sure I’m not in a glass house throwing stones! I think many of us use technology and not adequately check what the actual user experience is like.

Photo from Flickr by George Coller. Some Rights Reserved.


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