8 Content Ideas for Your B2B Facebook Page Posts

by Jennifer Beever

PostsMore businesses recognize a need to have a presence on Facebook, but a common question is, “What should we post on our Facebook wall?” My colleague Kim Defenderfer of California United Bank, asked me to speak about Social Media to a CEO Forum sponsored by California United Bank and CPA firm Rosenthal Pearson Fong & Frew. Kim cares about his customers and prospects and works hard to bring growth opportunities to them. He’s been talking up the online marketing and search engine optimization benefits of having a social media presence and let me know that his customers and prospects are often a bit puzzled about Facebook content.

The wall on your Facebook company page offers a lot of opportunity. It shows a dynamic stream of messages so at a glance a visitor can see if your company is one he or she might be interested in. Unlike LinkedIn, which is a little more static (your company page can display static product and service descriptions, Tweets and Blog entries), Facebook gives many options for content because you can key in custom messages with photos, links and videos. Here are eight content ideas for your Facebook page posts:

  1. Press releases – company news with a link to the release can stream into your Facebook wall. Automate this by linking a press release feed from your online service. You are distributing press releases online, aren’t you? 😉
  2. Blog entries – when you hit the “Publish” button on a new blog entry, the title, link to the entry and a photo from the blog can auto-feed into your wall through the app NetworkedBlogs. You are blogging, aren’t you?
  3. Links to new content on your website. Whenever you add an eBook, article, customer case study, podcast, tip, product, service – anything of value – link to it from your Facebook wall. You do frequently add content to your site, don’t you?
  4. Video – you can link your YouTube Channel with YouTube for Pages on Facebook, so that whenever you upload a video it appears on your Facebook wall . You do have a YouTube channel, don’t you?
  5. Photos – upload company photos. Sure, include the photos of products and company business (press conferences, product launches, user conferences, trade shows, board and sales meetings), but consider including photos about your company culture as well (company picnics, sports teams, community service, employees, etc.). You do keep an online album of company photos, don’t you?
  6. Employee news – do you give an employee of the week or month award? What about employee accomplishments and milestones – births, marriages, a child’s graduation? Recognize your people and tell the world about it. This kind of content gives your company page heart, and Facebook is one of the more appropriate places to be a little more 3-dimensional. Do you regularly recognize your employees?
  7. Customer news – same as above – what is going on in the lives of your customers that you can share with the world? Did they win awards? Run a marathon? Graduate from college after putting themselves through night school? Did their child graduate or get a job? Do you highlight your customers’ successes?
  8. Conferences and Trade Shows – for those customers and prospects who can’t attend an important industry trade show or conference – be their eyes and ears. This content can really extend your reach at a trade show to those who didn’t attend! For the time the show or conference is going on, post photos, comments, blog entries, videos about the event. Include photos of your exhibit booth, booth staff, customer who stop by, but also include content about others so it isn’t all about you. Read my previous blog entry for more ideas: 8 Social Media Marketing Ideas for Your Trade Show Exhibit. You do have a presence at important conferences and shows, don’t you?

So, now you can’t say that you can’t think of what to post on your Facebook wall. Above are eight great Facebook page  content ideas. Now it’s time to make it happen!

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What else do you post on your Facebook company page wall? Anything unusual? What did I leave out? Please comment below.

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