No One is Searching for “Owner” on LinkedIn

by Jennifer Beever

They’re not searching for “Shareholder,” “Partner,” “Founder,” “Manager,” or “Principal,” either. Yet I can’t tell you how many LinkedIn profiles I see that have been unintentionally set up for failure.

Why? Because if it’s true that over 90% of corporations and most businesses use LinkedIn to find employees, contract workers or service providers, unless you have the right keywords and phrases in your profile, you will not get found. Corporations are searching for specifics such as “R&D Tax Credit Specialist” or “Senior SQL Server Developer,” not generalities like “Founder” or “Co-founder,” as in the randomly-chosen example below.

LinkedIn Optimization

Be mindful about the words you use to describe yourself online. Telling the story (with some salient details and keywords) about the problem you solved, the case you won, the job you had (even years ago), could get you found online today.

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From my marketing soapbox – twelve years ago I did a very popular presentation that was much in demand, called “No One is Searching for ‘Home’ on the Internet.” It was the same story – well-intentioned, logical web developers were using the meta title “Home” for businesses’ home pages on their websites, instead of keywords that would get the business found. Now many years later I’m still on a similar soapbox! I’m just saying!


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