B2B Marketers: Integrate Marketing for Response Compression

by Jennifer Beever

Blog entry excerpted from the Marketing chapter written by Jennifer Beever in The Book on Business from A to Z

B2B marketers are wondering how to stay “top of mind” with their prospects and customers. One way to do so is to integrate your marketing.

Why? Integrated marketing leads to response compression. How does it work? Let’s use an example of a prospect we’ll call Joe. One day Joe sees the print ad of a software company in a trade journal. The ad grabs Joe and he thinks, “I’ll check that company’s website.” He goes to the website and gets more information. He thinks, “There might be some value in this company’s software application for my business.” The software company now has two marketing touch points with Joe.

A week later Joe sees an article that mentions the same software application. He notices the mention and bingo – marketing touchpoint number three. Then, Joe gets a postcard in the mail that tells him the same company will be at the trade show he is attending next month. The postcard invites him to visit the booth to get a cool gift.

At the trade show, Joe sees a brief demo of the product and asks for more information. The software company, knowing how many brochures attendees get loaded down with (and often pay to ship them back to the office), offers to send more detail in the mail.

When Joe returns to his office, the detailed information about the software application is waiting in his snail-mailbox. He reads it with interest. Then, because the software company knows that 70% of trade show leads never get followed up on, in two days Joe gets a phone call from the company’s sales rep. The marketing department also activates a drip campaign, via email and social media, to stay in touch with Joe.

Marketing Response Compression

At the end of the phone call, the rep mentions that there is a free webinar in one week and invites Joe to attend. Joe signs up and attends the webinar. At  the end of the webinar, the rep offers an incentive to buy the software within one week. Joe takes advantage of the offer and becomes a customer.

The end result? The software company above had eight or more marketing touch points with Joe. Their competition had four.

If you need help creating response compression with your prospects or customers, contact New Incite today. We’ll create a plan for your integrated marketing and then work with you to make it happen!



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