Why Your B2B Marketing Needs a Hub and Spoke System

by Jennifer Beever

B2b Hub and Spoke Marketing SystemNow more than ever, your website is critical to marketing success. Websites are the center of all marketing activity, whether you like it or not.

In 2009, Enquiro, now Mediative, conducted a survey and produced The BuyerSphere Project report. In it, they found that, “B2B buyers who are planning purchases between $5,000 and $15,000, and those planning purchases of more than $50,000, consider a manufacturer’s website as the most important online influence.”

In 2012 Thinkinsights with Google identified the Zero Moment of Truth (ZMOT), in which they identified a new step in the buying process. According to ZMOT, Buyers now take a fourth step in the buying process (formerly stimulus (ad) – buy – experience), and consult on average 10.4 sources before they make their buy decision and go to a website or store to buy. Many buyers go online to source information for their buy decision.

  1. 88% of U.S. consumers engage in the zero moment of truth prior to going in-store or online to purchase.
  2. The average shopper consults 10.4 sources prior to purchase, twice as many as just a a year ago.
  3. Search is one of the most widely used and influential sources on the purchase journey.

ThinkInsights with Google

I know, I know, I’ve cited surveys and research by a search marketing agency and Google, the seller of pay-per-click ads! Of course they will advocate online marketing and search! But the research is real, and the way people buy has changed dramatically. It’s time to change, too.

Consider your website (and, hopefully you have a blog on the site) as the hub of your marketing system. Your outreach activities, online and offline, are the spokes that feed traffic to the hub. Once you drive quality traffic to the hub, your website, the next steps are engaging and converting leads to customers.

Does your website attract quality traffic? Once visitors land on your site pages, are they engaged? Are you able to convert them? For more information on how to generate quality traffic, engage and convert customers, contact New Incite today. We’re experts at online marketing.


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