B2B Marketers: If You Fail to Plan, You Are Planning to Fail

by Jennifer Beever on September 5, 2014

One Page Marketing Plan

So I’m going to say it again. If you want your marketing to work, you have to first plan it, and then you have to execute the plan. Simple, right?

You’d be surprised how many businesses fail to write a marketing plan. Or, if they write one or hire someone to write it, they end up putting on a shelf or in a drawer, never to be read or acted upon.

Now marketing plans are even more important, because there are more moving parts. There are umpteen social media platforms to set up and activate. There is content marketing that attracts your target audience.

So here is a roadmap for a successful marketing plan.

1. Analyze your customers, markets and competition.

2. Come up with a marketing strategy.

3. Write a marketing plan.

4. Calendar and conduct regular marketing meetings where you hold people accountable for the tasks in your marketing plan.

5. Measure results, improve the plan and repeat.

It’s not rocket science, but most businesses fall down in the execution. I don’t care if your written marketing plan is on a cocktail napkin. Now it’s time to make it happen!

By the way, I created a One Page Marketing Plan spreadsheet that is easy to use and allows you to view your marketing task in one document. Feel free to download it from the link at the bottom of this post.

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Why Lack of Strategy Will Kill Your B2B Blog

by Jennifer Beever on July 31, 2014

JumpBlogging drives traffic to websites and generates leads. So, hey, let’s jump in and do this. Right?


To succeed in blogging (and in the bigger universe of content marketing), you need a strategy. Your strategy must identify your target audience(s), your topics, your target keywords, the tone or voice of the blog, frequency of posting, desired results and how you will measure results.

If You Have Multiple Bloggers

Strategy is even more important when you have multiple people blogging. When multiple people contribute to a blog, you’re dealing with different styles, voices, topical knowledge and discipline. Now you need to communicate your strategy with others so that the blog posts adhere to your objective. This requires blog guidelines and an editorial calendar.

Implement Your Blog Strategy

Once you put a blog strategy in place, it’s time to implement and make it happen. In my experience, this is where you find out the real challenges of blogging. Can you keep up with your planned frequency? Are your topics engaging? Are people following the blog? Commenting on and sharing the posts? Do you have the right features set up on the blog? You will probably find that you need to iterate

Analyze the Results of Your Blog Strategy

As you tweak your blog elements to get more and more engagement and (ultimately) conversions, analytics will play a big role. Your strategic plan identified how many followers and how much engagement. Now you need to track the blog’s performance on a regular basis. Where are people coming from? How long do they stay? Do they come back? Report and review the results weekly or monthly, depending on your objectives.

Review and Revise Your Blog Strategy

Now that you’ve started and are analyzing your results, you may find that things change in your industry or in your business that require a change in your blog strategy. You may need to add topics, speak to new audiences or target different keywords. Check your strategy as you go along and target a regular in-depth review of your blog strategy when your review and plan your marketing as a whole.

BTW, you are planning your marketing on a regular basis, aren’t you?

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