B2B Blogger – Are You Being Tricky or Transparent?

by Jennifer Beever

Marketing TransparencyIf you ask me, visitors who land on a blog post have the right to know when it was written. So, why do B2B marketers hide their blog post dates?

I guess they want to fool us.  “Hey! This blog post could have been written yesterday… …or, 3 years ago!” They don’t want us to look at the post date and immediately leave for more current information.

Why should you care? Why do I care?

I care because, if I want to know how to do something that’s a little bit technical, say on my Facebook company page, it matters to me if the information is current. A Facebook how-to written 3 years ago could be completely obsolete today, because Facebook has made a lot of changes.

So come on, B2B marketers! How about a little transparency? Show us the date! If we use the  information we find on your blog post and then find out that it is outdated anyway, you’ve already wasted our time and lost our trust.


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