From Subliminal Madmen… …to Lead Nurturing? Really?

by Jennifer Beever

Lead NurturingThere’s  a new normal in marketing, and if you want to be successful and get results from your marketing, it’s important to understand how things have changed.

Marketing has changed in the last ten or so years due to the disruptive innovation called the Internet. Because the Internet has changed the way people buy, marketers have to change the way they market. What has changed is buyer behavior. Buyers don’t want to be bothered by the interruption of ads or telemarketing calls. Buyers want information about products and services when they want or need to buy something. Buyers are in control.

Because of the focus on the buyer, a new term and a new activity has emerged in marketing today – lead nurturing. Lead nurturing is how marketing supports the buyer through the buy cycle and the four stages of awareness, information, assurance and loyalty.

According to Brian Carroll, it is marketing’s job to engage buyers and provide relevant and consistent dialog with viable prospects regardless of timing to buy. Part of this involves analyzing the buy cycle and identifying the right touchpoints with which to put information in front of the buyer.

This is a major paradigm shift – from Advertising Madmen who attempted to control buyers minds to Lead Nurturers who walk down the buying path with them. See the difference?

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