How Dynamic is Your Marketing Consultant?

by Jennifer Beever

Marketing consultants have to come up with great ideas and sell them to their client. Some take it a step further and create project plans. A few even stick around to execute the marketing plan. How do you know how your marketing consultant can perform through this marketing continuum?

5 Dynamics Marketing ConsultantSome of the key variables to getting marketing projects done include how individuals naturally focus their energy and prefer to work. At the Association for Strategic Planning annual conference in February, I was introduced to a unique assessment system designed to help individuals and teams maximize performance while minimizing stress. The underlying assumptions of the 5 Dynamics assessment/reporting system assessment are based on neurobiology, not personality.

I took the assessment in 2-3 minutes online, and in short order was served up a 13 page report that allowed me to review my ideal work environment, motivation, communication, interaction with others on my team,  task orientation, preferences for taking direction, leadership, sales orientation and learning style. The result told me that I love the exploration stage of a project, and I’m deliberate in the proposal, planning, and execution stages. Some of the points from my report are:

  1. When you enter the 1st Dynamic, you instantly have new insights, ideas and connections.
  2. You put time and energy into feelings, people and developing community.
  3. You will stay within the boundaries necessary to get through the 3rd Dynamic. You very seldom distract the team from the agenda.
  4. You will implement plans within deadlines and other boundaries.

I felt the assessment was accurate, and it explains why I love strategic marketing planning and easily adopt and assimilate new marketing techniques, technologies and methodologies for my clients. It also explains why my process of working from a one-page, written marketing plan and working with great teams leads to successful execution. I also loved the validation of my business name, New Incite. I chose the name because I incite my clients to positive change by offering new insights into their marketing!

Many thanks to Dr. Joyce Reynolds-Sinclair for showcasing the 5 Dynamics tool at the ASP Conference. By the way, the tool also provides analyses for teams – it quickly pinpoints any of the 5 Dynamics that a team is lacking. If you want to know more about 5 Dynamics, visit the web site at www.5dynamics.com.


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