B2B Marketers: Why It’s Time to Commit…

by Jennifer Beever

Commitment…to digital marketing, that is. Your audiences want it, your competitors are probably not doing it, and, there’s proof that digital marketing works for B2B companies.

The digital marketing success stories keep getting told as more and more B2B companies are getting on board. Three years ago I did a Social Media Marketing presentation to a group of CEOs, mostly from B2B companies. At the time, there were some examples of B2B digital (social media, website, content) marketing, but I had to dig for them. I used Timken Steel as an example at the time of good, integrated social media. You can view my SlideShare presentation – it’s embedded at the end of this post.

Now there are many more examples of great B2B digital marketing. B2BMarketing.net’s PDF report features British Gas’ use of video and web content in their marketing, Networks First low-budget dinosaur videos (watch an example here), Scotsman Ice Systems increasing B2B sales by creating consumer buzz with their B2C social media (watch their YouTube video on Nugget ice here), consulting firm Bluewolf‘s internal marketing campaign #goingsocial in which they trained 300 employees on social media, and IBM’s Slamtracker campaign which highlighted their use of predictive analytics during Wimbledon Tennis (read the article in the Guardian here).

Eloqua gives a nod to public accounting and consulting firm Crowe Horwath (see their LinkedIn Company Page), and eConsultancy editor David Moth writes about Adobe’s Creative Cloud campaign, Cisco’s extensive content marketing, American Express’ Open Forum for small business, and a very quirky (and interactive) campaign by Tippex office supply correctional tape (watch the video).

The evidence exists. More and more audiences (especially younger generations like the Millennials) want it. So, what are you waiting for?

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View the SlideShare presentation:

 Social Media Marketing presented to the SouthBay CEO Forum from New Incite / Jen Beever

Photo by Hector Alejandro on Flickr. Some Rights Reserved.

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