Does Your Marketing Consultant Have Bench Strength?

by Jennifer Beever

Bench StrengthDoes your marketing consultant have the connections and network to make your projects happen cost-effectively, the right way, with “the right people on the bus”?

Some businesses think that to get marketing jobs done, they need to hire a firm with staff.That comes with overhead from staff that has to be kept busy and payroll that has to be met, and often that means the firm does more selling than necessary.

One person can’t possibly get everything done or have all the needed skills, or can they?   The answer is “Yes!” A resourceful marketing consultant can bring the right solutions to your table at a cost-effective price, whether they are part of a big firm or a solo practitioner.

How can you assess your marketing consultant’s resourcefulness or “bench strength”?

  1. Ask what resources they have brought in to client situations before.
  2. Ask to speak to references who have worked with the consultant and their referred subcontractors and resources.
  3. Find out what professional associations and business networks the consultant belongs to.
  4. Check how many connections the consultant has on social networks, especially LinkedIn.

At New Incite, one of the comments I often get is the quality of my network of known resources and my ability to find the unknown. When my ad agency client needed Adobe AIR programmers, I asked certain of my techie contacts for referrals and searched on certain business directories. I found and pre-interviewed some viable candidates from the online directories and was able to refer two to my client, who is thrilled with the result. Some clients have commented that my ability to find quality, cost-effective resources is a benefit they did not expect from working with me.

So next time you shop for marketing resources, consider independent consultants and freelancers like myself and my associates. With the right project manager in place, independent workers can get the job done, often under budget. Do you have a marketing project that you’d like to do cost-effectively? Contact New Incite today – if we can’t help, we’ll make every effort to refer you to someone who can!


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