What Does Your Marketing Say about Your Company?

by Jennifer Beever

b2b marketing imageMarketing says a lot about a company. But, it’s not just what you say, it’s also what you do that tells your story.

Some business owners get an ego boost from their clever ad or marketing campaign, designed by a clever ad agency. But today there’s more to the story. Here are some questions to ask yourself – what does your marketing say about you?

Does your marketing add value?

Or, is it all about you? Does your marketing help your clients and customers? Give them information they don’t have? Provide tips and help about their industry, their work?

Is your marketing innovative?

Or, are you just doing exactly what the competition does? Are your design, colors, website old or shiny and new?

Do you leverage technology?

Or, are you behind the times? Are you using social media in a measured and effective way? Do you have a company blog? Video? A LinkedIn company profile?

Do you showcase others in your marketing?

Or, does your marketing say, “Me, me, me, it’s all about me!” Do you also feature partners, clients or customers,  distributors and others?

Do you take measured risk in your marketing?

Or, is it just the same old thing, year after year. Are you trying something new, like the highly popular Pinterest – on a trial basis spending a couple minutes on it a week?

Does your marketing reflect your clients or customers?

Or, does your marketing use the colors and styles you like? Have you asked your clients or customers what they like? Do you know their favorite colors and styles?


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