SEO Has Changed, So Stop Your Whining

by Jennifer Beever

No Whining about SEOSEO constantly changes, but in the last few years it’s changed significantly. SEO changes used to be mostly about keeping up with algorithm changes. Google algorithms, Yahoo algorithms, etc.

The job of marketers was to keep up with these changes and tweak our websites and other online material accordingly. Now, getting found online works differently.

Getting found online today is about posting great content and engaging with others on social media platforms. People find you through your content that is optimized with the right keywords and phrases. Over time if your content is valuable enough, your contacts will click through to your valuable content, become engaged, and then convert to customers.

It doesn’t happen by itself. It’s called Inbound Marketing, and it starts with content and an optimized website, and then depends upon a smart marketing strategy to engage the right prospects and nurture them until they buy.

So if you’re still paying for search engine optimization (SEO), or heaven forbid thinking about beginning to pay for “SEO,” and thinking you will get great results from it, don’t waste your time and money. Get into Inbound Marketing. That where the future of marketing is already at.

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