How to Avoid Going Down the Social Media Rabbit Hole

by Jennifer Beever

social media rabbot holeImplementing a social media marketing program can feel like Alice in Wonderland going down the rabbit hole. Why? It’s new; it involves technology; there are a lot of moving parts; and it changes constantly.

How can you be productive as you start your social media marketing program? Before you start, invest in research and analysis, a written strategic social media plan, and creation of a systematic approach. Then, execute your social media plan with diligence. These four things will help you get a better return on your investment, which, when it comes to social media, may well be primarily time.

Analyze Your Social Media Opportunities

Which social media platforms are your prospects, customers and clients on? Which social media platforms will drive qualified traffic to your web site? What messaging and content resonates with your audience(s)?

Create a Strategic Social Media Plan

Once you have some answers about what social media platforms and what content will produce the best results, create a written plan that describes what you will do, when you will do it (e.g. frequency of content posts, messages), how you will do it (e.g. which of the many technology tools you will use), and who will do each task.

Systematize Your Social Media Marketing

Leverage technology to tie your social media platforms so that at a minimum of effort you maximize your results. There are many technology tools that have been created to manage social media programs.

Execute with Diligence

Follow your plan and be diligent about frequency of messaging. If your goal is to Tweet every day on Twitter, do it. If you plan to blog three times a week, do it.

Be prepared to track and analyze results, and change your plan and system as necessary. New social platforms are emerging all the time, so be prepared to be flexible and add new components from time to time. As long as you analyze, plan, systematize and execute with diligence, you can avoid going down that social media rabbit hole.

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