B2B Marketer: Have You Backed Up Your Marketing?

by Jennifer Beever

Is your marketing safe?What if something were to happen to your online marketing presence? Now more than ever, marketing has a lot of moving parts. Your website, your email programs, your social media platforms all need to function so that your business has continuous communications to customers and prospects. Do you know how to access these platforms? Do you have your content backed up, just in case? Is your process documented?

I asked policies and procedures expert Raymond Urgo if he thought marketers document their marketing. Raymond wrote, “As for the function of “marketing” alone, I would estimate that less than 30% have “written procedures” and less than 20% would have 70% “up-to-date written” procedures.”

Minimize your risk by backing up and documenting. At a minimum, you should:

Record login and payment information for all online marketing accounts, including your website host, website domain name registration, email marketing program, photography sites, and social media accounts.

Backup your website files and database on a regular basis, especially if you continually add content.

Backup your social media profiles, including content and contacts or followers.

Below are some helpful resources I found for backing up your marketing:


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