Why Your Marketing Plan Needs A Content Strategy, Not Just SEO

by Jennifer Beever

B2b Hub and Spoke Marketing SystemIt’s marketing planning time again, and I’m seeing that many businesses and organizations have “SEO” in their plan, but not “content.” With recent changes in the way search engines index sites and rate them for keyword searches, you need to have more content – even better, you need “strategic content.”

With changes made by other search engines (especially Google) this year, websites that have more content and engagement with visitors on the site and in social media will rank higher than those that rely on what are now outdated SEO tricks and techniques. The “hub and spoke” system illustrated above is one way to create a content ecosystem that can help you attract  and engage the right audiences, so you can pass qualified leads to your salespeople.

In the hub and spoke system, your website and a strategic blog are the hub. Content on the website is linked to on social media sites, where people connect with you and follow you. If the content is valuable and compelling, it will attract more traffic to your website and engage your followers and connections.

So, if you don’t have a blog, consider starting one. If you have written some articles, write some more. Consider doing a video, or better yet, interview your customers on video and have them talk about the benefits and value they have received. Create some strategic messages with value-add links for the social media channels you are on.

If you don’t have a content strategy, New Incite can help. Contact us today – we’ve created plans and then implemented them for several clients, resulting in increased website traffic, engagement and sales leads.


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