Why Spending More on Your Trade Show Increases ROI

by Jennifer Beever

Spend More on Trade ShowsBut, spending more decreases ROI, doesn’t it? You’ve heard the adage, “To make more money, you’ve got to spend more money.” I believe this is true when it comes to tradeshows.

You see, what most businesses do is just show up.

Then they go home.

They don’t plan strategically. They don’t have a special offer or promotion. They are not launching a new product or service.

I get it! Trade shows are hard! You scramble around getting your exhibit and brochures shipped on time, you get the right people in the booth, they spend long hours on their feet with a smile plastered on their face. When they get home and back to the office, their family needs attention, and they are playing catch-up with work meetings, phone calls and emails. To add insult to injury, everyone is too busy to follow up with the trade show leads. That’s why over 70% of trade show leads are never followed upon.

If you do commit to a show, I encourage you to do it right. You’re spending at least $15,000 – $20,000 just to show up. Invest in pre-show campaigns to invite more people to see your exhibit. Once they engage with you at the show, keep that conversation going with post-show campaigns. Connect with them on social media. Offer free, valuable content. Call them, email them, send them something in the mail. Invite them to a webinar. Spending 10 – 30% more on your trade shows has a big impact. A trade show done right can have a huge return-on-investment (ROI).

For help with your trade show strategy and campaigns, contact New Incite today. We can help you increase your ROI.

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Aslan April 30, 2012 at 3:19 pm

I wish everyone had this mentality. A lot of people nowadays are finding the cheapest ways to get banners for their trade shows and do not realize how impactful it is to use cheap equipment.

Jennifer Beever May 3, 2012 at 7:28 am

Hi, it looks like you are commenting from Skyline, since you linked to back to a Skyline site. Skyline has great information and resources for marketers who go to trade shows, so thank you.

It’s true people want to save money these days – but who can blame them! When you say they “do not realize how impactful it is to use cheap equipment,” what are the results of that? I know that buying a very cheap display will impact an organization in the long run. Trade shows are brutal on displays. The signs and materials really get beat up with use. It’s important to spend the money to protect your investment with good cases and quality, strong materials.

Another place I see the effect of being cheap on trade shows is poor graphic design. Great graphics can really make your display pop. But, if you cram 100 bullet points, a headline and a bunch of poor quality photos on your display – as many do – people are going to be less than impressed.

Jennifer Beever November 9, 2015 at 12:11 pm

Hey, thanks, Extreme Exhibits! Yes, it is ironic that businesses invest in trade shows ($15 – 20,000 each…?) and yet studies show that there is a lack of follow-up! I think it may be just a lack of accountability – everyone is busy and no one follows up. I’m not blaming any one department. I was in sales and know what it’s like to try to make the numbers and follow-up. Of course now I’m in marketing, and marketing has some responsibility in the form of following up with emails, social media, mailers, etc.

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