Critical Elements of the One-Page Marketing Plan

by Jennifer Beever

Critical elements of the one-page marketing plan:

Vision, Mission and Goals. Before planning, you should know what your company does (mission), where you want it to be in the next three to five years (vision), and how you are going to get there (goals).

SMART Goals. Goals should be Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timely.

Customer Segments or Personas. Who does your company serve? What are their needs, behaviors, desires, interests, preferences? What are the best ways to market to them? What trends affect them? What new needs do they have?

Tactics. What worked last year? What did not work? What tactics will you implement next year? Do these tactics fit your budget? What are the alternatives?

Timeline. When will you execute each marketing tactic and who will do the work?

Results Tracking. What results do you expect from each tactic? How will you track them? How does each tactic tie back to your business goals?


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