An Inbound Marketing Infographic for Your Marketing Planning

by Jennifer Beever

I just love infographics as a great way to capture a process and a story in a way that I can understand. One great example is the Inbound Marketing Strategy infographic published recently by Slingshot SEO (see below – included with the authors’ permission).

I think this is a great tool to use as you plan or review your B2B marketing. It steps you through the 3 phases of the buyer cycle, TOFU, MOFU, and BOFU, and lists on the side what types of marketing activities or materials can support that buying phase. (For information on these phases, see my previous blog post, You Paid for TOFU. Do You Have MOFU?) At a glance the infographic sparks a conversation – “do we have the right marketing materials and events ready for our prospects?”

One more thing about the infographic – SlingshotSEO provides credit to their sources in the footnote. We’re not seeing enough of this, in my opinion. Great job! Readers, please comment on this below, and/or on Slingshot SEO’s blog post!

Inbound Marketing Funnel


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