11 Reasons Why You Need a Facebook Company Page

by Jennifer Beever

Facebook Company PageAre you on the fence about a Facebook company page for your business? I’m still hearing  a lot of misconceptions about Facebook from business owners. Here are 11 reasons you may want to create a presence on Facebook in 2011 and beyond, no matter if you are a business-to-consumer or business-to-business (B2B) company.

1. Your current and future customers are on Facebook connected to millions of friends, family and work colleagues. According to Facebook’s statistics page today, 500 million people spend 700 billion minutes on Facebook every month. Half of the total users – 250 million people – sign onto Facebook every day. You need to have a presence where your potential and existing customers and clients are and where they are connected to hundreds, maybe thousands others who will see your information as it streams onto their contact’s news feeds. Facebook is part of our culture, especially for younger generations. For those who like Facebook, seeing the Facebook logo on your web site that indicates you are part of their community can help create an instant emotional connection to your company and brand.

2. It doesn’t take long to create and maintain a Facebook company page. You can create it in under one hour and maintain it in under 30 minutes a week. There are tools and utilities that allow you to stream news and information about your company automatically into your Facebook company page. You can add photos, links, videos and other content as you go to keep content fresh, either from your computer, a smartphone, or directly from your video camera.

3. Facebook is free. Businesses spend millions on email, web sites, search engine optimization and traditional marketing. Take advantage of this opportunity.

4. Facebook company pages are secure and have no visible connection to your personal profile. In order to create a Facebook company page, you do need to be a human being with a profile on Facebook. You don’t need to do anything on or with the profile if you don’t want to. Facebook has done a good job of addressing privacy issues that came up earlier in 2010. In fact, Facebook has very intricate privacy settings that give you control over who sees what on your personal profile – you can even customize this down to the individual.

5. There is no limit to the number of fans you can have on Facebook, and you can send them unlimited messages for free.

6. Your information can “go viral” on Facebook. If someone connects to your Facebook company page, when you post content it streams into the news feed on their Wall for all their friends to see. Others can choose to “share” your content on their walls, increasing your reach and number of brand impressions.

7. Facebook offers some of the most targeted advertising on the Internet. Think about it. Facebook users add 90 pieces of content on average each month. The content and their profile information is full of keywords, psychographic and demographic information, making it possible to do very targeted advertising.

8. You can poll your connections on Facebook. Want to run a new product name or brand by your fans? Find out what is on their minds? Facebook has polling applications that allow you to ask questions and get feedback for free.

9. You can quickly and easily make special offers to your followers on Facebook. Facebook has coupon and other applications that make it easy to provide incentives to existing and prospective customers.

10. Facebook has features that make it easy to report and block spam. If someone connects to your company page and begins posting spam content, your company page administrator can report the individual and block future posts by that person in one step.

11. Facebook provides statistics on visitor behavior on your company page. You can elect to have the number of visits, connections, active users, comments and wall posts summarized in an email sent directly to you, making it easy to measure your progress.

Are you convinced now? Will you create a Are you convinced now? Will you create a Facebook business presence in 2011? Please comment below.


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