Is Marketing Staffing Going the Way of IT?

by Jennifer Beever

Outsource Marketing
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With new marketing tactics and the rise of marketing technologies, there is a growing need to be flexible in marketing staffing. The old static models of full-time marketing employees may not be serving your company anymore.

I believe that marketing staffing is becoming more like IT (Information Technology) staffing. Just as the days of the in-house  IT staff are gone because of increased specialization, so too gone are the days when you only needed marketing management, design, and copywriting in-house.

Website and social media technologies are changing so quickly, marketing specialists are emerging to handle different tactics. A good business social media presence should include most of these platforms: Google+, LinkedIn, Slideshare, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Vine and YouTube. Your website and Pay Per Click (PPC) ad campaigns need someone who knows Google and other web analytics. You may need someone to create videos for your business. Inbound marketing specialists optimize content to attract the right leads and convert leads to customers.

When businesses moved to outsource their IT, the IT challenge moved from understanding technology in-house to directing and managing the moving parts of outsourced IT. The same thing is happening in marketing. With many different specialists – maybe some outsource and some in-house – the role of the marketing strategist or visionary, planner and manager is more important than ever to manage all the moving parts and make sure marketing activities and results serve the business.

Some smart ad agencies are transitioning to become managed service providers of marketing, so that can act as a one-stop shop for for their SMB (small to medium sized business) clients. Large brands have started a new trend of hiring boutique agency specialists to execute projects rather then signing on with one agency that can’t fit all their requirements.

What are you doing to get the marketing skills you need? Have you been outsourcing more of your marketing? Or, have you been hiring more specialists?

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