Do LinkedIn Endorsements Drive You Crazy?

by Jennifer Beever

LinkedIn Endorsement ApprovalDo your connections endorse you for skills you don’t even have? Do you wonder how these endorsements get on your LinkedIn profile? Do you want to turn off LinkedIn endorsements altogether? If you answered “Yes” to these questions, read on and watch the video in this post to find out how to fix these issues.

It turns out that years after LinkedIn introduced the endorsement feature, it is still driving people crazy. I blogged about endorsements several times when it was introduced, because I believed it was too easy for people to endorse you for skills you don’t really have (Are LinkedIn Endorsements Too Easy?; When It Comes to LinkedIn Endorsements, Are We Lemmings?).

Many people are confused by the blue boxes that appear on top of your profile, so I created a video to show you how to delete a pending endorsement that doesn’t apply to you or how to delete a skill that already appears on your profile. To find out how, watch the video below (it’s a tad over 5 minutes in length).


The good news is that LinkedIn has added settings that allow you to remove the endorsement feature from your profile or modify how it works. If you don’t have time to watch the video, just select Edit Your Profile from the Profile menu at the top of your LinkedIn profile and scroll to the Endorsements and Skills section. Click edit on that section and you will see the new options.

For more information on how to use endorsements, please see my previous post How to Use Endorsements and Manage Skills. This video shows you detail on how to determine the exact definition and industry that a skill was created for, so that you can decide if it’s a fit for you. Note that this post and video was done a while ago, so some of the screens and features may have changed slightly.

If you need help optimizing your LinkedIn profile, contact me at New Incite today. I have trained hundreds of LinkedIn users on how to leverage LinkedIn for business development (in a credible way!). I also work with individuals to optimize their profiles, so they and you don’t have to figure it out!


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