You Paid for More Traffic to Your Website – Now What?

by Jennifer Beever


If you’re a business owner, chances are you’ve spent a lot on online marketing. You invested in a great corporate website. Then you paid for search engine optimization (SEO) and perhaps Pay-Per-Click Advertising (PPC).

You got traffic, but did you get results?

Now it’s time to invest in great content and a system for nurturing the qualified leads you get from your website and converting them to customers. What you need are the 3 C’s – Content, Connections, and Conversions.


When someone lands on your website, they may spend some time looking around. Then they either leave (called a “bounce” in online marketing speak), or they may do something. If they do something that is related to a product or service that you offer, they may be a qualified prospect. How do you get them to do something? You need great content that they can download, comment on or share with friends or colleagues.


Once a visitor does something on your website, you have an opportunity to engage them. You can email them more information, connect to them on social media and offer more valuable content, perhaps – at a strategic point in their buy cycle – you can call them. Again, you need great content and now a a strategy for how you’re going to connect or nurture the prospect through their buying cycle.


There are two types of conversions: one when the visitor engages with you or content on your site and becomes a prospect; and two, when the prospect becomes a customer. If you have great content and have engaged the prospect in a credible and valuable way, your chances of conversion will be higher. In the Inbound Marketing University course on Landing Pages,  Jeanne Hopkins, Director of Marketing at Hubspot, offered up this conversion equation.

C = 4m + 3v =2(i-f) – 2 a

Conversion  = 4xMotivation+ 3xValue + 2(incentive-friction) – 2xAnxiety

Jeanne explained that your conversion is a factor of motivation plus value plus buyer urgency less friction less anxiety. Friction is the amount of trouble or confusion that occurs when the visitor uses your website. Anxiety is the amount of concern the visitor has with providing information in order to download or engage with you.

Invest more resources in the 3 C’s – Content, Connections, Conversions – you’ll get a greater return on your marketing investment.


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